Farewell To RK Centers Top Manager Turned To “Nasty Divorce”

What type of farewell you can expect from Raanan Katz company.

Any doubts? Another lawsuit in Miami Dade Court.
This time the lawsuit is against RK Centers former employee, not a tenant. This lawsuit was filed by Raanan Katz son Daniel Katz in Miami Dade Florida, USA FAMILY COURT.

Daniel Katz sued his former employee for… REPEATED VIOLENCE (Miami Dade Florida USA Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Case # 2010-004164-FC-04).

Ironically, this employee happened to be the top manager of RK Associates (RK Centers) for many, many years.

Imagine, how long Daniel Katz was holding his “fears of violence”.

Here is the simple tool for instant “fears” release.



RK Centers, Raanan Katz Tenant Was Found Guilty Of A First-Degree Misdemeanor

Raanan Katz argued that he did not check his tenants background. Well, make sense, why Mr. Katz should bother considering his own fire burning court records.

Looking for “high end, high quality spa services” – go to RK Centers plaza.

Here is an article from Miami New Times about two of Raanan Katz tenants.

“Voters in Sunny Isles Beach had three choices for city commission. One of them, Isaac Feldman (Raanan Katz tenant), was later arrested for his role running an amazing South Beach scam involving Eastern European “B-girls.” Now, his opponent and the eventual winner — businessman Isaac Aelion (Raanan Katz tenant)– has been caught red-handed spending thousands on illegal campaign ads and sentenced to a year of probation.
Aelion was found guilty yesterday of a first-degree misdemeanor stemming from a flyer he surreptitiously sent to 8,500 voters around town before the December election.
Aelion never reported the mailer on his campaign finance reports.

Isaac Aelion was an officer in the Israeli army and lived in Canada before moving to Sunny Isles in ’94. He owns a laundry list of businesses around town, according to state records, including the Jean Michelle Day Spa & Salon near 178th Street(RK Centers plaza).

Now he’ll (Isaac Aelion) have to serve one year of probation, repay $4,000, and serve 35 hours of community service.

Sadly, Shady Isles (Sunny Isles) is stuck with the guy until the next election rolls around. (But hey, at least you didn’t vote for Feldman!)”

Looks like Raanan Katz does not want to “exercise his legal rights” against this type of tenants – no lawsuits, nor “trespass”, no “fears of violence”. ANY WONDER WHY???

RK Centers Plazas: Trash Or Treasure?

After careful review of some of Raanan Katz and RK Centers (former RK Associates) lease agreements, I noticed that they have one common condition and shopping plaza presentation as “HIGH END, HIGH QUALITY”.
What Raanan Katz considers as a “high quality, higher end business”?
Low priced Asian Nail Spas, Dollar, Discount Stores are not unusual to see in RK Centers Plazas.
Probably the meaning of “HIGH END, HIGH QUALITY” is simply related to the rent amount.
Why neighbouring Aventura Mall has not rented the space to Asian Nail Spa next to Louis Vuitton store or Bal Harbour Mall did not invite Dollar Tree Store business to their Mall?
However, Aventura and Bal Harbour Malls offer valet parking services, vs to RK Centers “1 hour parking only” and tow-away services.
Aventura and Bal Harbour Mall websites present new businesses, fashion trends, social scene, videos, business directories, and whatever could potentially attract customers, making shopping experience pleasant.
RK Centers publications dedicated to promote Raanan Katz and his publicity.
Are RK Centers and Raanan Katz desperate to attract tenants into their plazas who will just sign RK Centers lease agreement with “gotcha”, automatic lease renewal, and acceleration clauses?
Well, all the marketing approaches I have learned over the years also apply to attracting high-end clients, but there are a few steps that should be met:
1. To attract high-end clients, you need to design high-end services. It is like selling a Mercedes instead of a Hyundai. The commitment, time and energy is a must input into developing high-end services and programs that will deliver higher end results.
2. Marketing messages, materials, and marketing strategies need to communicate the message that higher-end services are offered. Perception is essential when you say “I offer high quality”.
3. Then you have gained the right to charge more for your services. After all, you have organized your plaza to produce higher-end results, and done it in a way that makes your tenants feel special. They feel like they are at the Ritz-Carlton, not the Holiday Inn.

Raanan Katz Is Going For “Oscar Nomimation” In Most Ridiculous Lawsuits?

Raanan Katz and RK Centers have a chance to be on the list of the ten most ridiculous lawsuits of 2012.
The list is compiled by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, which conducted a survey at the website Faces of Lawsuit Abuse.org.
The organization’s president, Lisa Rickard says:

“While these lawsuits vary from the outrageous to the humorous, abusive litigation is hardly a laughing matter. ILR’s annual poll of ridiculous lawsuits helps to remind us that abusive lawsuits affect real people and real businesses, and can have harmful results to lives, jobs, and even our economic growth.”

What rank Raanan Katz and RK Centers might get for his defamation lawsuit, where they alleged that all blog is defamatory including
1.Raanan Katz own name
2.Raanan Katz company name
3.Raanan Katz own court records
4.Court orders against Raanan Katz and CO
5.James Clerk Maxwell’s thermodynamic equilibrium distribution theory
6.Fourier analysis
The case is filed in Miami Dade Florida USA Court, case number 13-2011-CA-017842
How Raanan Katz, minority owner of Miami Heat, is going to proof his allegations considering his level of education?
Money is always a solution, at least for Raanan Katz and CO, to keep him “on the top of the list”.
GO Raanan, GO…..

RK Centers, Raanan Katz: Common Area Maintenance Fraud In Miami

RK Centers (former RK Associates) Lease states:
“Section 23. Operating Expenses.
As additional rent shall pay to Landlord Tenant’s operating expense percentage of operating expenses incurred during the terms of this lease. For the purpose thereof “Operating expenses” include but are not limited to: real estate taxes, Landlord fire and extended coverage and public liability insurance and for the cost of maintaining common areas (“CAM”). For the purposes hereof, CAM includes, but is not limited to, all costs and expenses every kind of nature paid or incurred by Landlord…
Payments for such additional rent shall be made monthly based on Landlord’s reasonable estimates of the current year’s total operating expenses… Tenant shall pay on account of Landlord’s year-end reconciliation within 30 days of Landlord’s invoice…
If tenant has any objections to any items contained in such operating expense invoice, Tenants must raise such objections in writing no later than 15 days after the date of such invoice…”
Here is email Daniel Katz sent to the tenant on the tenant’s request to provide the INVOICE and the PROOF of demanded and paid common area maintenance under above lease.
“I am in receipt of the two emails that you have sent to my associate, Mitch Cutler. At this point, we are making our position in this matter very clear to you. We have no further obligations to a former tenant whose lease expired several months ago. We are not required to respond to your emails and we are not hiring our attorney to respond to your emails. We are only sending to you the supporting CAM documentation because it was recently reconciled and available, not because we are legally obligated to under an expired lease. At the current time, there is a balance due of $1,316.06 for the 2008 operating expenses under your lease. In an effort to end any further discussion between us, we have proposed to waive the balance due of $1,316.06 as consideration for exchanging Mutual Releases provided that a release is signed by March 31, 2009 otherwise this proposal is null and void.”
Here is another email Daniel Katz sent on the tenant’s request to provide common area maintenance proof and invoices.
“I would like to take the opportunity to begin with apologizing for not responding to you sooner. However, and I have to be honest with you, it is unusual for a tenant to request back-up CAM documents for an outstanding CAM bill of $11.09. Pursuant to Clause 23 of your lease agreement, your are required to pay your agreed upon percentage of Common Area Maintenance. So, what type of back up are you looking for to support the outstanding $11.09 bill?”
Is Daniel Katz serious about eleven dollars when he demanded and received almost US$12,000.00 (from ONE tenant only) without been able to prove a penny.
Fraud is the most appropriate word of Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz and RK Centers Common Area Maintenance business, isn’t it?
The question is how many people were affected by Raanan Katz and Daniel Katz Common Area Maintenance scheme?
Is it the right time for class action?

Raanan Katz, RK Centers Were Alleged In Conversion Of Personal Property In Miami

In Miami-Dade Raanan Katz, RK Centers, 18100 COLLINS AVE. SHOPPING CENTER LTD were alleged in wrongful conversion through fraudulent misrepresentation. See case details below.

 CASE NO: 09-82675-CA-01

18100 COLLINS AVE. SHOPPING CENTER LTD, a Florida limited Partnership. DEWEY KOLECTHAM & HAOWE LLC f/k/a DEWEY CHEATHAM & HOWE LLC, a Florida limited liability company,

                                                                                       SECOND AMENDED COMPLAINT
Plaintiff, SONYA DOMATOV, by and through undersigned counsel, hereby files this Amended Complaint against 18100 COLLINS AVE. SHOPPING CENTER LTD and DEWEY KOLECHTHAM & HAOWE, LLC f/k/a/ DEWEY CHEATHAM & HOWE LLC, and alleges as follows:

                                                                                               COUNT I CONVERSION
 Plaintiff sues 18100 Collins, realleges and reavers the allegations set forth in Paragraphs I through 19, set forth above, and further alleges as follows:
19.                 On or about and between July 14, 2009 and August 27, 2009, through the
improper levy of Ms. Domatov’s equipment, through the subsequent improper notice of the
August 26 Sheriffs Sale, and through its fraudulent misrepresentation regarding this Notice on
August 27, 2009, among other acts known and unknown, 18100 Collins wrongfully   seized Ms.
Domatov’s equipment.
20.                 By doing so, 18100 Collins wrongfully asserted dominion and control over
personal property belonging to Ms. Domatov, thereby wrongfully depriving Ms. Domatov of the
benefits of such property, and as such 18100 Collins converted Ms. Domatov’s equipment.
21.                 As a result of 18100 Collins’ conversion, Ms. Domatov has been damaged.

WHEREFORE Plaintiff demands judgment in her favor and against 18100 Collins for compensatory damages, costs, pre- and post judgment interest and such other relief as Court deems just and proper.”